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Sepideh Razi

Founder & Creative Director

Sepideh of Reidesign has many years experience providing residential interior design services to homeowners. She has 15 years of solid experience in multi‐unit residential, commercial, mixed‐use developments and office buildings .    she has excellent graphic design and artistic skills in 3-D modeling, rendering & presentations .Services range from simple colour consultations for interior painting needs; furniture and product selection; room layouts and furniture placement;   de-cluttering and re-organization; to home staging. 
Sepideh’s keen eye and interior design ideas partnered with her client’s thoughts help change a home to meet the personal expectations of her clients. Beyond achieving personal home pride, Sepideh can assist homeowners through home staging in realizing a quicker sale and maximizing the equity in their home in the real estate market.
Sepideh has spent a number of years as a visual merchandiser with large furniture outlets. She has completed master of architectural engineering at Tehran university. She is also Intern architect and Intern P.Eng in Canada and a member of OAA.

Soudeh Ayanifard 

Co-Founder, Designer

Soudeh Ayanifard is an interior designer and internationally educated architect with over 8 years of experience in creating sophisticated residential and commercial interiors and exteriors. During her professional path in 2019, she joined elegant design studio to take her passion for design to the next level.
Sue is dedicated to creating timelessly elegant interiors with a solid character uniquely tailored to each specific client. Her design philosophy features a refined use of vibrant colors, sensual textures, clean lines, and exquisite accessories. She gives preference to natural materials, which make any space look and feel “alive”.
In her work with clients, Sue values mutual respect, mutual trust, and mutual empathy. She believes that these are the underlying conditions for effective cooperation.


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